How Does Affiliate Tracking Software Works

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In affiliate marketing, Tracking is an essential part of affiliate platforms. Mainly affiliate tracking software is used to track, and this is usually supplied and supported by the affiliate platforms. Because tracking software can track any traffics browsers, actions, date and time, what type of website the traffic visited, and traffic impressions. And it’s happened because- Tracking software places a cookie on a user’s browser. When a user clicks on an affiliate link, The Cookies start to store a range of data attached to that click. And that’s how tracking software works in affiliates. Read below to know more specific knowledge.

The Link Tracking Process

In this part, we are going to cover how does a link tracking process works? Let’s describe with the help of a picture.

How Does Affiliate Tracking Software Works - GlobalAffs

Many companies want to promote their Brands, Offers, Products, etc., to generate more leads, sales. And they give this to a specific affiliate platform. The platforms do not do that alone. They share that with their partner like publishers, bloggers, marketers, etc. And that’s why affiliate platforms use their tracking software to make sure not a single click is lost for a publisher and merchants. And they send traffics to merchants through links or unicorn resource locater.

  • It allows the merchants to validate the sale.
  • The software collects information even if no action is complete.
  • Info includes Impressions, Clicks, and Conversions.
  • It helps to build up data to strengthen the campaign.

How does long a cookie last?

  • It’s up to the merchant/affiliate platform to decide.
    The cookie period ranges from current sessions up to lifetime cookies.
    A few merchants offer an affiliate lock-in.
    Affiliates tend to prefer a more extended cookie period.

Top 10 Affiliate Tracking Softwares

There are hundreds of platforms out there available for you to join? Then how you choose the right platform?) Don’t worry about it. In our research, the below platforms are the best for affiliate link tracking.
Click Inc
Post Affiliate Pro

Choose the best platform and start money from the affiliate.

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