Way to Change the home page in Microsoft Edge

Change the home page in Microsoft Edge

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With our guide to changing the Microsoft Edge browser home page, you can choose to open a new tab, resume where you left off, set a specific page, or use all open tabs.

Microsoft Edge has four page presets that you can set to display after the browser starts:

  • Open New Tab – A page with a Bing search box, quick links, picture of the day, and news feed.
  • Resume where you left off – remembers the pages you were last on and opens them again when you start the browser.
  • Open a specific page or pages – you can manually set the pages that will open at startup.
  • Use All Open Tabs – The button clears the list of pages and replaces them with all currently open Microsoft Edge tabs.

Change home page in Microsoft Edge

Open your browser, click the drop-down menu button and go to options – Settings.

Go to the Start, home, and new tabs settings.

And select one of the options (open a new tab, resume from where you left off, open a specific page or pages, or use all open tabs) and the simple setup is complete.

If you have any current page, then you can delete or change the page by clicking- Three horizontal dots. And if you have no page, simply you can add a new page by clicking- Add new page.

Once the setup is complete, each time you open the Microsoft Edge browser, the installed page (s) of your choice will start to display.

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